Benefits of DiodeVET

Benefits of DiodeVET; Laser Surgery

Reduced Bleeding:

DiodeVET cauterizes and seals blood vessels up to 1mm in diameter. The laser energy speeds hemostasis and provides the surgeon with a virtually bloodless surgical field.

Reduced Infection:

DiodeVET laser energy acts as an antimicrobial/anti-bacterial agent by producing elevated temperatures. As the laser beam penetrates the incision site, the locally increased surface temperature effectively eliminates existing microorganisms, resulting in a sterile surgical environment.

Reduced Pain:

The DiodeVET laser seals nerves as it incises through tissue. Pain is reduced both during and after surgery.

Reduced Swelling:

DiodeVET laser light penetrates the tissue, causing the ablation/vaporization of cells and thoroughly seals the lymphatic vessels within the surgical field. By eliminating the crushing, tearing and bruising of tissue associated with traditional surgery, post-operative inflammation is reduced.

Extreme Surgical Precision:

DiodeVET laser energy is easy to control. With fiber optic delivery to an extremely small spot, the practitioner can place and deliver very controlled amounts of energy. The light weight of the handpiece and low blood loss combine to enhance the skill of the user.

Satisfied Clients:

Laser surgery results in quick wound healing, lack of inflammation, reduced post-operative pain, and quick in-patient turnover rates. Clients appreciate the reduced discomfort their pets experience after laser surgery. Animals are able to resume their normal activities much quicker than with conventional surgical methods.

Doctor’s Quotes:

“The diode laser is the most cost effective and efficient wavelength for endoscopic surgery on horses. Contact incision-excision is the forte of the 25W unit. Examples of applicable procedures are epiglottic entrapment, ventriculocordectomy, soft palate scarification and others.”
– Kenneth E. Sullins, DVM, MS, Diplomate ACVS, Professor of Surgery
Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center 

“The DiodeVET 980nm Laser is small, portable and very user friendly as a contact mode for equine upper respiratory transendoscopic laser procedures.”
– Lloyd Patrick Tate, Jr., V.M.D.
College of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Clinical Sciences

“980 nm Diode laser energy is a perfect companion wavelength intraoperatively with CO2 laser energy. The 980 wavelength Diode laser allows for superior coagulation and cauterization especially in highly vascular tissues. Surgical field visualization and the need for time consuming ligations is dramatically reduced.”
– Peter H. Eeg DVM
Poolesville, MD