Economic Merit

Effective use of capital funds is a primary concern of most veterinarians. Medical equipment has to be both clinically effective and contribute to the bottom line. Where laser surgery is concerned, it may be difficult to realize how this capital expense can have a positive impact on revenue. With laser technology, veterinarians have the opportunity to optimize revenue, while gaining a marketplace advantage by offering a “higher standard of care”.

Lasers in medicine for humans is well known and accepted as the best alternative for many procedures. Low blood loss, reduced pain, reduced infection and rapid recovery are important to pet owners as well. Today the public is educated on the benefits of laser surgery and often demand the same standards of care for their animals. A laser in the clinic is an important tool for veterinarians who understand the value of offering a choice for clients. It’s a win-win; the client receives the best care for their loved one while the practice gets to charge a premium fee for premium service. The actual per procedure charge can quickly amortize the cost of the laser. The recurring per procedure cost is low, giving the practice a good operating margin while using a “best solution” for the client. DiodeVET laser system offers veterinarians the opportunity to use their surgical skills while complying with the pet owner’s desire for a good clinical results.

Economics of Laser Surgery:

DiodeVET gives veterinarians a means to realize the commercial advantages of providing a technological solution to improve on the old standards. Offering a choice for a better outcome at a modest additional charge for the laser (ranging from $35.00 – $200.00, depending on the procedure) makes sense. Examples below show the potential impact of laser surgical fees that can add revenue in the range of $30,000 – $70,000 annually or more!

* $75.00 avg. additional Surgical laser fee = $72,000/year @ 100% compliance rate
* 20 surgeries/week @ 48 weeks/year = $36,000/year @ 50% compliance rate

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